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Hot New Releases
Amazon Warriors
WARGAMES FACTORY: WGF-LG002. 28mm scale. The Amazons were a fearsome...
$CAD 21.95

Apocalypse Survivors: The Women
WARGAMES FACTORY: WGF DF004. 28mm scale. Need some Armed Civilians...
$CAD 21.95

British Infantry American War of Independence
WARGAMES FACTORY: WGF-HM004. 28mm scale. This box contains 30 highly...
$CAD 24.95

Continental Infantry American War of Independence
WARGAMES FACTORY: WGF-HM005. This box set contains 30 highly detailed...
$CAD 24.95

Danube 20 - Boxed Edition
VPG 07-017. Details: When the capture of Vienna failed to...
$CAD 34.99

Darkest Night - Boxed Edition
VPG 09-011. Named one of the Top 10 Solitaire Board...
$CAD 49.99

Darkest Night Expansion #1: With An Inner Light - Boxed Edition
VPG 09-013. Details: A new wave of refugees arrived yesterday,...
$CAD 19.99

Darkest Night expansion #2: On Shifting Winds - Boxed Edition
VPG 09-015. Darkest Night: On Shifting Winds from Jeremy Lennert...
$CAD 24.99

Fuentes de Oñoro 20 - Boxed Edition
VPG 07-018. Details: Following his failed invasion of Portugal in...
$CAD 29.99

Hapsburg Eclipse - Boxed Edition
VPG 12-014. In Hapsburg Eclipse, from designer Darin A. Leviloff,...
$CAD 29.99

Hell's Gate - Boxed Edition
VPG 16-021. Details: Details
Hell’s Gate is a simulation game...
$CAD 29.99

Hugs - Boxed Edition
VPG 15-003. Everybody needs a hug now and again! In...
$CAD 21.99

In Magnificent Style - Boxed Edition
VPG 03-001. Details: In Magnificent Style, from designer Hermann Luttmann,...
$CAD 32.99

Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp - Boxed Edition
VPG 25-001. Details: Named one of the Top 30 Solitaire...
$CAD 34.99

Leuthen: Frederick's Greatest Victory - Boxed Edition
VPG 05-001. Details: Drums & Muskets is a game system...
$CAD 35.99

No Retreat 3 - Boxed Edition
VPG 16-012. Details

Gold Banner product

$CAD 52.99

Ottoman Sunset 2nd Edition - Boxed Edition
VPG 12-006. When war in Europe broke out in 1914,...
$CAD 29.99

Paul Koenig's The Bulge: 6th Panzer Army - Boxed Edition
VPG 16-025. After storming the beaches in his D-Day series,...
$CAD 29.99

The Alamo Remembered 2nd Edition - Boxed Edition
VPG 16-006. Details: In 1836, Americans -- who since the...
$CAD 29.99

The South Shall Rise Again - Boxed Edition
VPG 24-003. The South shall rise, and the North will...
$CAD 32.99

War of the Spanish Succession Artillery
WARGAMES FACTORY: WGF-HM003. 28mm scale. Artillery in the age of...
$CAD 24.95

Zulus on the Ramparts! 2nd Edition - Boxed Edition
VPG 12-002. Zulus on the Ramparts!, from designer Joseph Miranda,...
$CAD 39.99

July 26, 2014 - New Stock Arrival from Wargames Factory!

Welcome to Woodrow's War Store!

Our new stock from Victory Point Games has arrived. This stuff is awesome and we know you will be pleased.

We have new Restocks on Pegasus Hobbies, Caesar Miniatures and Armourfast Tanks. Armourfast had a few items we never carried before, such as a Farm House, 1/72 decals, and the WW2 Valentine MkII Tank, which was used by British and more importantly, Canadian troops. You will find them in the Armourfast category. We also brought in a massive number of Caesar Miniatures. Some are discontinued so they are becoming rare, others are just popular. As well, we have brought back an old favorite: WWI British and German Tanks by Emhar. You can see them in Hot New Releases or the "Various 1/72" category.

We specialize in 1/72 scale miniatures and tanks by a number of companies including Caesar Miniatures, Armourfast, HaT Industrie, Pegasus Hobbies, Imex Model Co., Zvezda, Mars, Orion, Valiant Miniatures and Strelets.

In 28mm scale, we are selling off all our Wargames Factory and Warlord Games products: Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Black Powder, and Pike and Shotte. We will continue to carry HaT Industrie's 28mm plastic miniatures.

In 15mm scale, we have a small selection of Plastic Soldier Company products remaining. These are perfect for Flames of War and the price is excellent.

Currently, we are revamping our store and selling off some lines, to build up other lines. This is a great opportunity to get in at rock bottom prices. If you wish to resell any of our products, you may wish to discuss opening an account. Our distribution company, Warband Distributors, are proud distributors for HaT Industrie, Imex, Pegasus Hobbies, Armourfast, Warlord Games, Wargames Factory, and Strelets, among others. Email for more information.

In short, we are a family business that has been actively selling online since the year 2000. During this time, we have shipped over 6200 parcels around the world. Presently, we only ship to Canada and the US. We accept all major credit cards and other forms of payment through PayPal. PayPal will automatically make the currency conversion to CAD. Because our prices are listed in Canadian dollars and the Canadian dollar is lower than the US dollar, it means US customers are saving even more!

Sign up to be a preferred customer and receive discount notices from time to time.

Become a follower of our blog: Woodrow's Escape @

Yours Truly,

Mark Wall
Woodrow's War Store & Warband Distributors


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